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At Hogan Family Chiropractic, we will help you feel better than you have in years!

▪ Whether you are 1 or 100, we can help!
▪ We provide individual treatment for many health concerns.
▪ We can help with neck or back pain but we can also help with so much more.

Chiropractic care is about restoring and balancing the body. That’s why we are successful treating many different problems. We believe that each person is different and each person requires different treatment.

At Hogan Family Chiropractic, we will give you the personalized treatment you need to feel better than ever.

Since opening the doors of Hogan Family Chiropractic in Frisco, TX in 2001, Dr. Andrea Hogan and Dr. Michael Hogan have been on a mission: to help patients of all ages achieve optimal health. They operate under the belief that the body has the amazing ability to heal itself when properly cared for. However, sometimes the body needs extra support and stimulation when any hindrances are present. In order to achieve their mission, Dr. Andrea and Dr. Mike provide a wide range of treatment options to help overcome those hindrances and promote the body’s natural healing processes. These treatments include chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, spinal decompression, and soft tissue manipulation. 

Treatment plans are tailored to the individual, ensuring the best results for your needs, symptoms, and conditions. Dr. Andrea has built her career around her passion to treat children and families. Being an athlete himself, Dr. Mike has dedicated his career to helping athletes recover from injuries and achieve optimal performance. As a team, they are excited to extend their services to anyone in need of care in Frisco, TX. Patients often seek their expertise and their skilled hands at Hogan Family Chiropractic for issues such as back pain, neck pain, hip pain, sports injuries, headaches, shoulder pain, and much more. Every treatment they provide and recommend is geared toward balancing and restoring the body so that their patients can achieve the healthiest and highest quality of life possible. No matter your age or condition, if you are looking for personalized and effective chiropractic care in Frisco, TX, Dr. Andrea and Dr. Mike at Hogan Family Chiropractic are the experts you want on your side.

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