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Start undergoing therapeutic exercises in Frisco, TX, after consulting Dr. Andrea Hogan and Dr. Michael Hogan of Hogan Family Chiropractic.

What Are the Benefits of Therapeutic Exercises?

Even if you haven’t been to a chiropractor before, you probably have some idea of how they approach treatment. You likely expect them to administer adjustments and use different instruments to grant you pain relief. Sure enough, those treatment methods are well integrated into chiropractic care. However, your chiropractor may also recommend a treatment regimen featuring therapeutic exercises.

For those unaware, therapeutic exercises are not completely similar to those you perform at the gym or home. These exercises aren’t necessarily designed for aesthetics or sports performance. Instead, their main purpose is to facilitate injury recovery.

Let’s say that the injury you recently sustained is a herniated disc. That injury is known to cause back pain, reduced range of motion, and muscle weakness. If your chiropractor recommends therapeutic exercises for that injury, they are doing so to address your specific symptoms. Going through your exercise routine should alleviate your pain, improve your flexibility, and strengthen your muscles.

Therapeutic exercises designed for other injuries will also specifically address their symptoms.

A therapeutic exercise program is also meant to evolve. As you recover from your injuries, your chiropractor can adjust your exercise regimen to suit your needs and capabilities. They will continue tweaking the exercises until you’re satisfied with your fitness level.

Achieving your ideal fitness level could mean more than getting stronger and more flexible. You can also continue the therapeutic exercises until you build up more stamina. The aforementioned exercises can also help with balance and coordination issues you’ve struggled with.

Reach out to Dr. Andrea Hogan and Dr. Michael Hogan of Hogan Family Chiropractic if you’re looking to start therapeutic exercises in Frisco, TX.

What Should You Expect While Going Through a Therapeutic Exercise Program?

Personalization is a hallmark of therapeutic exercise programs. Your chiropractor won’t put you on an already established program and expect you to adjust. Instead, they’ll create one from scratch that caters to your specific needs.

You also don’t have to worry about the therapeutic exercises taking a great toll on your body. Therapeutic exercise is still meant to treat injuries. With that in mind, your chiropractor will give you easier exercises to start. They will give you ample time to recover and only ramp up the program when they deem it necessary for your goals.

Once you’re better, you can continue performing chiropractor-prescribed exercises at home. Those exercises are more about preventing injuries instead of treating them.

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