Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a treatment method being used to reduce pain, swelling, and recovery time. This increasingly popular treatment works well for soft tissue injuries, muscle spasms, and even for athletes who want quicker recovery from workout

Muscle pain can reduce your quality of life. But even if it’s been going on for a while, you don't have to live with it much longer. A visit to the family-based team at Hogan Family Chiropractic can help with various chiropractic and muscle issues. Under the care of Dr. Mike Hogan and Dr. Andrea Hogan, your body will be in good hands as you have a range of treatments available to help improve your mobility and comfort level. If you're dealing with various muscle problems, now's the time to visit the team to try electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) in Frisco, TX.

What Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

It involves the use of electrodes attached to your skin. Once they're attached, your local chiropractor will send electronic waves through to your muscle tissue that will cause the muscles to contract and relax. How deep the doctors will allow the waves to go depends on the muscles being treated and their level of tension. Electric muscle stimulation is often effective for people dealing with chronic muscle cramps and tightness. It works well in cohesion with other traditional chiropractic treatments like adjustments. After all, when your muscles are fully relaxed and at ease, it's easier for one of our chiropractors to make spinal adjustments to improve your mobility and comfort.

Who Should Use This Procedure?

Anyone prone to severe muscle tension in Frisco, TX, should ask about electrical muscle stimulation. For example, athletes often overexert their muscles, which can result in strain. Maybe you've been working extra hard at the gym and pulled a muscle. You may have a job that involves a lot of heavy lifting, such as construction, manufacturing work, or home health aides.

If you were recently in a car accident, you may be experiencing signs of whiplash. Whiplash is a condition in which the neck snaps back and forth rapidly. Signs of this condition show up in neck pain, upper back or shoulder pain, upper arm pain, and even nausea and migraines. People who are recovering from an injury or having frequent muscle spasms may also benefit from EMS therapy.

You no longer have to live with back pain, neck pain, or spasms in those muscles. Thanks to the comprehensive care of Drs. Hogan, you have several options to consider when you visit Hogan Family Chiropractic. While you can always go for a traditional adjustment and other treatments, EMS therapy may be the solution you need to ease up your soft tissue pain. Call us at 469-633-0123 for an appointment to receive electrical muscle stimulation in Frisco, TX, soon.

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